Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect)

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Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect)

Enhance your motorcycle life with greater convenience, peace of mind and enjoyment through Y-Connect.

By Connecting your smartphone with Y-Connect installed and your motorcycle, we enhance your greater motorcycling convenience and always support your motorcycle through this application. In addition, this application provides new enjoyment by connecting with Yamaha users all over the world.

Main functions
[1] Meter Indicator
Smartphone information like received calls, e-mails or text messages and remaining battery level can be displayed on the multi-function meter unit (instrument panel).
Up to six different apps can be chosen and set for display. This feature also automatically adjusts the clock of the multi-function meter based on the time set on your smartphone.
*The indicators displayed on the multi-function meter may differ or the Y-Connect app may not be usable depending on the motorcycle model.

[2] RevsDashboard
The smartphone screen becomes a “RevsDashboard” displaying data like degree of throttle opening, engine rpm, rate of acceleration, an eco-friendly riding indicator and more.

[3] Maintenance Recommend
Based on a variety of data like your motorcycle total mileage, ride frequency and average engine rpm levels, the app estimates the condition of the engine oil and provides recommendations for engine oil change timing within the range described in the owner’s manual. You can also change the recommendation timing by yourself.
The app also takes into account data of battery voltage to gauge the condition of the battery and keeps you up to date with the battery’s condition, recommending if a check is needed.

[4] Fuel Consumption
The app tracks your average mileage and displays it either by day or by month for easy viewing.

[5] Malfunction Notification
Should your motorcycle detect a malfunction, you will receive a notification via the app. In addition you may designate a notice be sent that contains the location, time and other information to a designated third party, e.g., your Yamaha dealer, via e-mail.

[6] Parking Location
You can see where you last parked your motorcycle, a helpful feature when trying to find your motorcycle in large parking lots or while at your touring destination.

[7] Ranking
You can share your mileage and ECO driving results with Yamaha users all over the world and enjoy them as a ranking.
*Only the results of running with Y-Connect are reflected.

Android 7, 8, 9 and 10
Bluetooth BLE4.1 and UP

*Compatibility/usability checks are conducted under set conditions. Please be aware that the app may not function properly with all smartphones or operating systems.

• The app and its features are all free to use, but any fees resulting from downloading the app itself and any data transmitted while using it will be borne by the user.
• The app can only be used with models equipped a Yamaha Communication Control Unit (CCU).
• You must connect your motorcycle to the app via Bluetooth before using the app. Refer to your motorcycle’s Owner’s Manual.
• Only errors that generate error codes are detected by the app.
• The app will not track your motorcycle if it has been moved from its last parking location.
• The app uses your smartphone’s GPS and Bluetooth functions, which may drain battery life faster.
• Some smartphones may be disconnected from the app due to battery or power-saving settings. Check your smartphone’s user manual or provider for details.
• Creating an account with YamahaMotorID is required to use the app.

• Always stop the vehicle before operating your smartphone.
• Never take your hands off the handlebars while riding.
• Always concentrate on riding by keeping your eyes and mind on the road.


Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Y-Connect) 2.0.9 更新

This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.