RE-Red Envelope

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RE-Red Envelope

Red Envelope is a cashback APP which needs no credit card. Only by entering the amount of payment when checking out, you can get an up-to-100% cashback right away.

With a variety of cashback credit cards in the market, have no idea how to choose a best one? Now, with Red Envelope, no matter you are paying with cash or any other methods of payment, by entering the amount of payment, you can get an up-to-100% cashback for all your purchase. You can always have your purchase discounted if there is balance in your account. Just enjoy this amazing shopping experience.

RE stores include all kinds of business in your everyday life, connecting all stores to provide you with a daily life net to get cashback easily. Say goodbye to point collecting of each shop, cashback is the best.

In our RE stores:
1. NO limitations for our cashback rewards, up to 100% cashback to every payment based on the amount you enter.
2. Get cashback right away, and have it deducted on your next consumption.
3. With enough balance, you will be able to have all your payment discounted.

Official FREE Red Envelope activity is host randomly, download and get it NOW.


RE-Red Envelope 5.0.12 更新

We update app as often as possible to make it better. Here are a couple of enhancements you’ll find in the latest update:

– Optimize interface
– Ongoing bug fixes