QK Music Player

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QK Music Player

Music Player is a system-level app for music lovers.
Orderly arrangement of local music
Various browsing/sorting modes help you find music easily.
Major functions:
Support all types of music files. Automatically scan all audio files in the phone.
Browse and play back music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, and artist catalog.
Show the album cover, title, and artist, as well as the Playback/Pause, Skip, and Stop buttons in the notification bar.
Set to play back the next song. Add songs to the waiting list.
Support one or more headset buttons to control Music Player without taking out your phone!
Custom playlist enables you to set albums, artists, genres, and song directories in other information of the playlist.


QK Music Player 6.905.0611(SL)_VER_32536184236758 更新

1.fix bug;

2.Remove one 3rd part SDK to comply with Google Play Developer Program Policies.