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MusicBox is free music player app to listen you favorite offline music stored in your sdcard.

☆ Two free themes: Original Theme, Yellow Dusk Theme.
☆ Two paid themes: Green Way Theme, Purple Fly Theme.
☆ Sort tracks, album, genres and artists.
☆ Update / create playlists.
☆ Include/exclude music folder, with this you can choose your favorite music files.
☆ Access all your favorite songs/music from tracks tab.
☆ Access music by album, genres, artists.
☆ Browse through all your favorite music files from folder browser/view.
☆ More option available through details button. like:
✓ Navigate to music’s album, artist and genre.
✓ Delete song.
✓ Add to playlist and remove from playlist.
☆ Tap music details in playback controls to access music fullscreen view.
☆ From full screen view change your loop / shuffle preference.
✓ Loop once, loop all and no loop.
✓ Shuffle on / off.
☆ Advanced music search. Using this context sensitive search bar you can
✓ search by music/song/track name.
✓ search by album, artist and genre.
☆ Supports music file formats like: mp3, wav, aac, ogg, mka, m4a [more coming soon]
☆ Control music playback from home/lock screen using Android’s media style widget.
☆ Android auto support to control music playback from your car.
☆ Android wear support to control music from your smart watch.

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👍 Please let us know if you find any issues / looking for new features in MusicBox.


MusicBox 2.0.2 更新

– Visual improvements.
– Bug fixes.