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Hipcam, The Smart Home Security Ecosystem.

We want you to feel at home, evenwhen you’re not there. Our cameras use the most innovative and secure technology to keep you informed of what is going on at your home or office. The whole Hipcam Home Security Ecosystem includes a state of the art encryption algorithm and unique features to give you a simple and smart home security ecosystem.

All of our security devices include:
– 128-bit AES TLS/SSL encryption
– 24/7 Cloud recording & live streaming
– Our unique two way audio & video call.
– Automatic geolocation.
– Temperature, humidity, or light sensors.
– Live full HD 1080p streaming with IR night vision.

Hipcam Indoor Pro:
With the Hipcam Indoor Pro you will be able to create Smart Areas that monitor your space using encrypted AI technology to notify you if an object or person moves within the area. Using the Hipcam app you will also have access to the two way audio system that allows you to communication with your loved ones via either audio or video calling.

– LCD capacitive touch secreen display
– 24/7 Cloud recording & live streaming
– Facial recognition & people detection
– Temperature, humidity, and light sensors

Hipcam Outdoor Pro:
The onboard AI software is designed to constantly be informed of what is happening around your home. By utilising our Smart Area feature you can be assured nothing goes unnoticed. Whether it’s security around the swimming pool or ensuring no one enters the garage we have you covered with smart alerts directly to your mobile. Using the app paired with your Hipcam Outdoor Pro you will be able to:

– Arm/Disarm Hipcam´s ecosystem
– Share camera with other users
– Two-way audio call
– Get temperature, humidity and light changes notifications
– Save, store, download and share videos, clips & timelapses (Using Hipbox)

Hipcam Doorbell:
With our smart doorbell you will get instant notifications on your mobile or Indoor Pro when someone rings the bell or moves within a Smart Area and receive alerts beforeguests reach the front door. Make your doorbell unique with our interchangeable skins and get full access to all your settings using the Hipcam app.

– Weatherproof IP 65 rating
– Interchangeable skins
– Wireless or wired chime connection

Hipcam, be at home even when you’re not. Our simple plug-n-play products, easy to use interface and smart security ecosystem are specially designed to make your home a fullyconnected smart and secured environment


Hipcam 5.0.1 更新

We’ve upgraded Doorbell communication to better meet your needs. Now, calls are more stable and reliable